Wellness is the heart of our practice. Though they may seem worlds apart, nutrition and chiropractic go hand-in-hand. We believe that prevention is the best medicine, and that a healthy body is built from the inside out. Food contains fuel for the body and nutrients necessary for functioning at an optimal level. When the body is deficient in proper nutrition, the consequences can be serious.

What Are You Putting in Your Body?

When it comes to your health, everything you do and do not put in your mouth matters. The average American consumes a barrage of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, and artificial ingredients every day. Many of these ingredients can be harmful and contribute to negative long-term health outcomes. Not to mention, the body’s systems and organs require important nutrients to work. A body that is unhealthy, overweight, or lacking vitamins and minerals may be more prone to injury and disease, and may also experience greater difficulty recovering during chiropractic treatment.

At Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. The needs of our patients vary on an individual basis, which is why both chiropractic and nutritional care plans must be personalized on a case by case basis. We offer complete nutritional counseling, which includes a micronutrient analysis. Our goal is to identify nutritional deficiencies and determine their cause. For some, it may be poor diet; for others, it may be an issue of poor absorption.

Give Your Body the Nutrition It Needs

There are several vitamins and minerals that provide benefits to the body at a cellular level. They contribute to healthy sleep, help build strong bones, improve mental clarity, and even help reduce the risk of certain degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Examples include:

Vitamin A

Important for healthy bones, muscles, teeth and skin; also beneficial for eye health

B Vitamins

A complex of vitamins, each with varying benefits; examples include stress management, migraine prevention, heart disease prevention, blood glucose regulation, sleep regulation, brain health, and more.

Vitamin C

A primary factor in immune health; also helps protect the heart from cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin D

Important for bone, immune, and cardiovascular health; as well as healthy weight and metabolism.

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cancer; also contains cholesterol-lowering properties.

Vitamin K

Promotes bone and health and helps prevent against fractures; also necessary for healthy blood clotting.


Essential for the health of the entire neuromusculoskeletal system; may also protect against cancer and hypertension.


Promotes a healthy nervous system and strong bones.


Protects the heart, defends against cancer, improves cognitive function, and promotes a healthy immune system.


Reduces stress, promotes wound healing, improves digestion, and improves immunity.


Important for thyroid health; deficiencies could lead to poor metabolic health and weight gain.

Even a healthy and balanced diet can be lacking in important micronutrients. At Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness, we aim to offset deficiencies with specialized nutritional products and supplements designed to optimize your health. We carry many custom health solutions right here in our office, including products that promote joint support, bone health, healthy body-mass-index, and more. Contact us for more information or to schedule your nutritional consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.